Welcome! This is a general overview and reference for Tradesy, a personal finance app for Mac.

What is Tradesy?

Tradesy is a personal finance app for Mac, designed for the small investor. It will help manage your trading: watching stocks, tracking your portfolios, calculating capital gains, and more!

Tradesy runs on MacOS 12 (“Monterey”) or newer.


Getting started

A Tradesy document contains a stock watchlist and any number of portfolios. You can create as many different Tradesy documents as you’d like, and save them as distinct files.

The watchlist and portfolio list appear on the left side of the window, and to the right are displayed the particulars of whichever stock or portfolio is selected. Each of these things is discussed in the following sections.

A sample document, containing a watchlist of several stocks and a couple of fictitious portfolios, can be opened with the Help → Open Sample Document menu command.


Search for a particular stock by entering a name or symbol in the “Search” text field at the top of the window.

To add a stock to the watchlist, click “+”. The watchlist is refreshed at a regular interval to maintain an up-to-date snapshot of performance in the current (or most recent) trading day.

<aside> 💡 Stocks? Securities? Equities? Financial instruments? Whatever you call them, they’re things of value that are traded on an exchange and denoted by a alpha-numeric symbol. This document might use a few of these terms interchangeably; they all refer to the same concept in Tradesy.


Notion watchlist 20240126.png

Stock details

The tab bar in the adjacent main part of the window offers a variety of views and analyses for the selected stock, each of which is discussed next.

Notion equity overview 20230802.png

Notion equity history 20230802.png

Notion equity strategy 20230802.png

Notion equity batch 20230802.png


A line graph plots the recent performance.